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Sorry for neglecting you for so long, been busy — that’s a great thing isn’t it!?

I’m so pleased to have been featured on A Practical Wedding yesterday; if you didn’t actually see that post, it’s here:

I had such fun collaborating with Meg Keene on that post; she actually helped me to kind of distill why I do what I do. And I faced the crazy fact that I really do looooove working with couples to help them navigate the sometimes silly world of wedding invitation “must have” stuff and nutty “etiquette” that really isn’t at all.

One of the things I said and it bears repeating, keep it simple and keep it authentically YOU. Whether your style is soft lacy traditional or hard edged geometric contemporary, your invitations do not need clutter of any kind either stilted excess wording or flashing holographic images. I believe the most arresting design, in wedding invitations or elsewhere, is simple, clean and edited down to the Essential elements of the message. You don’t have to agree with me on this but you might take a look around at the most striking iconography of 2012 and notice that this is true more often than not — Apple’s logo anyone?!

One of the best parts of this Essential design theory is White Space, that non element that helps to define a design piece by what it ISN’T and sets the stage for the important stuff — in the case of wedding invitations, it’s your text and your chosen graphic images. White space is the “mounting matt and frame” that gives the design it’s center stage starring position. Just look how the white space in this design leads your eye right to the message. Case closed. Simplify, simplify!

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