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simple… marry or not?

After reading a piece in the annual “wedding issue” of the news, I got to thinking about why people marry… and why they are together but do not marry. I have no real answers just more questions.

So, a couple can have all the love and life-long commitment, the shared household, children and still not tie the knot legally — why? It just might come down to a certain defiance of cultural norms, the “have to’s”, the “shoulds”. Otherwise, why not?!

Personally? I think it is courageous to commit, legally, to another, especially when one checks out the divorce rate. To stand up with chosen witnesses affirming your commitment, that’s huge and it’s just not for everyone. Also? It’s so very personal, no one except the couple knows what does or does not constitute life-long commitment.

I can very well understand why a couple might not want a “Wedding” with a capital “W” and all the hoopla that CAN accompany that event (even ‘tho my little business wants to be part of that!). But not marriage? That’s another issue totally. Perhaps — with couples recently feeling freer to choose very “unWedding” celebrations and, maybe, “unMarriage” lives — just perhaps more will take the marriage step, knowing the marriage is on their terms, is entered into with their unique understanding. So, marriage as defined by two people who have given the step thought and care. I do like that.

Yeah, more questions than answers, but an interesting issue to ponder……

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