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Today I’m so proud to be a Wedding Elf!

And what, you might say, is a Wedding Elf?! Well, I’ll tell you — you didn’t think I’d just leave you there, did you!? Meg Keene over at A Practical Wedding (the sane, sane wedding blog for real, thoughtful women) likes to call their front page sponsors wedding elves; these are the photographers, wedding planners, flower specialists and stationery designers (like me!) who pledge to help brides create a sane, practical wedding without the BIG DEAL stuff that the WIC (wedding industrial complex) keeps pushing in those big glossy 5 lb wedding magazines. Of course you can have any of the “stuff” that you choose, but it’s YOUR choice not a “tradition” or “etiquette” to have certain wedding-related things. Like what? Oh, like a zillion bridesmaids in matching tulle, overflowing floral centerpieces, a hotel ballroom, a string quartet for the cocktail hour …….. you get the picture.

Meg Keene states in her recent book, “A Practical Wedding,” that your grandmother probably wouldn’t recognize one of today’s “traditional” weddings because, guess what? All that stuff Is Not Traditional. So it’s your wedding, make your own traditions, make your wedding a reflection of you as a couple. Of course I do hope you’ll consider printed wedding invitations (!) to be part of that, but I’m good if that’s not how you roll. (how about handsome Thank You notes, though!?)

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