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“Size Matters” Er, when it comes to weddings, size simply does not matter. At. All. What really matters, of course, is that you and your love are committing to being together, in the presence of those who love and support you and some kind of “official” person….. clergy, town clerk, whoever.

The Size Issue starts to raise its tricky head when you and your love sit down and discuss what kind of wedding you want, not What Size….. What Kind, as in, “do we want everyone we’ve ever met in a hotel ballroom” or “let’s keep it to just family in Mother’s living room” or “how about a backyard picnic” or the ever-popular “warm tropical beach destination.” So, right there you are talking about your wedding Style not Size. You’re discussing how the Feel of your wedding will be, whether formal, casual, intimate or dance-party jazzy.

This is perhaps the very best way to approach your wedding, before you look at dresses or color schemes or invitations (oops! Do look later ‘tho!!). Think about how you want to Feel on your wedding day and your planning will be much simpler. Some things the Wedding Industry tells you to do just might not fit with your plan and you won’t do those things — and that’s wonderful because then you know that this will be Your Wedding Your Way.

So, you go, do it your way, it’s the right way.

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